Wonderlust Journal
The Wonderlust travel journal is filled with inspiring and reflective questions which let you (re)discover what is important in your life, while being on your trip.  It’s also:

  • Triggering you to uncover all the magical answers residing in you. By knowing them you can make stronger choices in the direction of your dream life!
  • Giving the creative you all the space to create, color and write – so that this journal will become unique, just like you.
  • Letting you realize that everybody has those awkward travel moments, because I am revealing a whole lot of mine
  •  Your buddy through thick and thin, knowing when to feed you with a little wisdom to get you through the tough days and to put that smile right back where it belongs.
  • Inspiring you to keep taking action toward the life of your dreams even after touching homebase.

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Wonderlust Coaching
In the 1-to-1 sessions we will work together to prepare you for the time of your life while traveling, to explore what is really important to you and, once returned home, create this life of your dreams.
It includes: 

  • Before you go“. In this session we will dive into your truest desires about your trip and create your intentions, your Wonder-Pas. We will create your FAK (First Aid Kit), for the moments in which the sun isn’t shining as brightly as you wish. 
  • Wonderlust Journal – Your travel journal for when you are on your adventure.
  • Welcome home” . In this session we will celebrate you and all the adventures you experienced. We will focus on integrating all that you’ve experienced into your life at home.

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Wonderlust Workshop for companies
Do you want to ensure your employees get home fully inspired after their holidays?!
Do you want to give your audience an unique experience before they book a trip at your travel agency?

During this interactive, inspirational workshop we will prepare your next holiday or trip in an unique way, by using a mini Wonderlust Journal.

During the workshop we will make a small (personal) trip along the three parts, as discussed in the Wonderlust Journal, of your adventure:

  • Before you go, what do you really want to get out of your journey?
  • On the road, bye bye comfort zone
  • Going home, if you do what you did, you get what you got. Ready to keep your happy travel vibes as long as possible?

After this workshop, participants will have a clearer view of what they really want to get out of their next holiday or journey, which steps to take and what to do to keep the happy vibes alive as long as possible, once returned home.

Let’s Explore, Create & Shine.

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