As an adventure lover I have been solo traveling all over the world.
Once, when I was in Guatemala, I realized that I was far more confident than back home. My intuition never failed, I knew exactly which way to go.
I loved life and every part of it.

Out of my Comfort Zone
So what is it about traveling that brought me those feelings? I believe it’s being out of back home’s comfort zone. Where you know who you ‘have to be’ to fit in. It’s being totally free of opinions, to do lists, rent, and social obligations.

My Partner in Crime
While traveling my journal and me never lost sight of eachother. It was my partner in crime and my buddy when I had a bad day. While journaling I realised even more all the lessons I was learning. By doing so I also missed questions that would inspire me to look at myself in a different way. Questions to get even more out of my adventures because they inspired me to think about myself & what is really important to me.
This was the inspiration to combine all my loves for creating, journaling, illustrating, inspiring & giving, into one masterpiece: Wonderlust Journal.

Next Step
For years I have been working as a trainer. Creating the Wonderlust Workshop & Wonderlust Coaching was a natural next step to deepen the process of getting the most out of your next trip. 

It is my wish that the Wonderlust travel journal & the personal sessions, inspire you to (re)discover what you really want in life and to take the steps to live it.

Explore. Create. Shine.

Love, Merel

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